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Layam Company


As a retail Israeli Duty Free leader, Layam holds a vast selection matching the needs of each and every Duty Free market we operate in, and allows Layam to tailor a customized offering for its customers.

Duty Free Stores

Layam operates a variety of Duty Free stores in Israel


  • Ashdod and Haifa seaports Duty Free stores in the passengers' terminal serving foreign and Israeli passengers.
  • 3 stores at Ben Gurion International Airport
  • Tel-Aviv Diplomat store
  • Duty Free store aboard cruise line from Haifa seaport


Ship Supply

As Israel’s leading ship supplier, Layam specializes in supplying food (provisions/branded goods and commodities/fresh/frozen, etc.) and deck & engine/technical supplies, as well as any other category you may require.

Among our customers:

  • International shipping companies
  • Cruise companies
  • Leading offshore drilling companies and offshore construction operators
  • Cargo Vessel companies
  • Various Navy ships visiting Israel seaports


Duty Free Supplier


  • Layam is a loyal and permanent supplier for the United Nations and other multinational observer forces in the region and worldwide.
  • Airlines Duty Free supplier