Layam's Selection

Technical supply & Provision

Technical supply

Layam provides all kinds of cabin, deck and engine stores.
Our experienced and professional team will quickly respond to your requests with all marine tech supply you may need.


Layam offers all kinds of cleaning supplies from chemicals to vacuum cleaner. We provide catering needs from glasses to spoons, plates to saucepans, all kind of kitchen equipment or cloth and linen products. Our experience in the hotel industry ensures efficient and competitive deliveries.

Deck & Engine:

For all needs: Tools, Valves, a Pencil or Mooring ropes. We deliver every maintenance materiel that keeps your ship running. Our Technical Department delivers all deck, engine, electrical stores, stationery, medical supplies or nautical equipment: Ropes and hawsers, Marine Paint and Painting Equipment, Pneumatic and Electrical Tools, Machinery Equipment, Screws and Nuts, Measuring Tools and all kinds of Nautical Equipment. Moreover, Medicine and Welfare Products, etc. Our 5,000 square meter warehouse with over 15,000 different technical items are supplied to all kind of vessels. Our team of experienced Marine Industry Salesmen are available to serve you and your ships- 24/7. Safety & Services

Safety & Services


Layam has a separate team that will take care of all your ship safety needs: Annual inspection service of Life Rafts, EEBD, Fire Extinguishers Refill and Inspection, Breathing Apparatus, etc.

We are supplying Life Jackets, Life Rafts, Distress Flares, Fire Extinguishers, First Aid, Life buoys, Man Overboard Equipment, VHF Radios and Protective Clothing Equipment – standard SOLAS & NFPA 1971 & more.

Certified servicing stations have the appropriate tools and spare parts available for life saving equipment, life raft, breeding apparatus as bellow:

  • Viking Life Saving Equipment A/S
  • DSB Deutsche Schlaochboot Gmbh & C
  • Lloyds Register, Nova Callegari & Ghigi S.P.A
  • Autoflug Gmbh & Co
  • Seetex Gmbh (T.V.B)


We provide multiple logistic services, such as transportation, warehousing, cross-docking, inventory management, packaging, documentation and custom clearing: all tailor-made to your special needs, including ship stores in transit to your spare parts, from the smallest items, to the largest engine spare parts.

Ship repairs:

  • Exhaust Valves, Valve Seats and Valve Housings
  • Cylinder Heads, Piston Crowns, Skirts and other parts
  • Maintenance Work, Steel Work
  • Overhauling t/c, Motor Rewinding (all types)
  • Underwater Inspections and Repairing, Compressor

Bunkering and Lube Oil:

We serve the Bunkering needs (MGO) and Lube oil supply of all Vessels who are calling any Israeli Ports. We guarantee our customers the most competitive MGO and oils prices enabling our customers the advantage of market pricing almost immediately.


Fresh & Dairy:

High quality, Freshness, Proper Packaging, Cooling Chain Control.

  • Layam uses the leading supplier of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
  • Milk and dairy products
  • Huge variety of international cheese selection: Dutch, French, Greek, Italian, German and Israeli
  • Fresh Bakery items variety

Meat and Poultry:

  • Beef, Pork, Chicken, Lamb 
    All cuts, high quality, best international sources

Fish & Sea food:

  • Wide range of Fish (whole, gutted, slices & fillets)
  • Black Tiger Shrimps, Shrimp Cocktail, Prawns, Calamari & Squids, Octopus, Muscles, etc.

Cold Cuts:

  • Many different international sausages, Frozen or Chilled: Italians, Russians, Hungarian, Chorizos, German, etc. 


  • Frozen Fruits
  • All kind of Frozen Vegetables
  • French Fries
  • Frozen Pastries

Dry Provision:

  • Canned Meat, Sausages & Fish
  • Pulses, Spices, Essences & Flavorings
  • Pasta, Cereals & Oats, Rice, Noodles
  • Flour, Sugar, Jam & Honey
  • Cacao, Coffee, Teas, Sugar
  • Oils of all kinds
  • Nuts and Dried Fruits
  • International Ethnic Food


Spirits & Wine:

  • A wide selection of wine from all over the world
  • Spirits of all leading brands: Jack Daniels, Grey Goose, Remy Martin, Cuervo, Bacardi, Hendrick's and more
  • Liqueurs, flavored vodka, gift packs and more

Beers, Soft Drinks, Water:

  • Wide range of Beer such as Heineken, Carlsberg, Tuborg, Efes, Beck's, Budweiser, Miller, Corona, Etc. Local Israeli Beer - Goldstar, Maccabee
  • Soft Drinks: Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta Pepsi Cola, Miranda, 7UP - All Kinds
  • Fruit Juices and Nectars – Assorted Flavors
  • Mineral and sparkling water


  • Top brands of tobacco, cigarettes and cigars.  

Snack & Chocolate:

  • Chocolates of all leading Brands: Toblerone, Milka, Nestle Swiss, Mars, Snickers, Twix, Milky Way, Kit-Kat, M&M, Smarties and more
  • Pringles - Assorted Flavors
  • Peanuts, Nuts, Almonds, Cashew Nuts

Beauty Products:

  • Cosmetics and beauty products of all the best brands
  • Dead Sea products and Morrocan Oil
  • Perfumes
  • Toiletries